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Birthdate:Mar 11
Avid slasher, trying to break into the amazing world of Those Paid to Write. most of you will know me from fandom and know that i am one snarky frakker who is muchly pro boy touching

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aldis hodge, alec/eliot, angel, arthurian legend, battlestar galactica, books, broadway, buffy, cameron mitchell, castiel, christian kane, clex, colbert report, creature fic, crossover, crossover fic, crossover slash, crossovers, daniel jackson, daniel/jack, danno/steve, dark horse comics, darren hayes, dc comics, dean winchester, dean/castiel, devil's panties, doctor horrible, doctor who, doctor/rose, douglas adams, dr horrible's singalong blog, dr. horrible, dr. who, dr. who/jack harkness, drarry, druid, eliot/alec, equality, eureka, excalibur, faith, fanfiction, faries, fey, firefly/serenity, freedom of speech, fringe, gay rights, geeks, gender equality, glbt, gryffindor, harry potter, harry/draco, hawaii 5-0, hawaii 5-0 slash, hentai, heroes, hex, hhgttg, house, house/wilson, j.d. robb, jack o'neill, jack/daniel, jack/gwen/ianto, jack/ianto, jack/martha, jane austin, jared padalecki, jennifer crusie, jensen ackles, john barrowman, joss whedon, kane, knitting, kyle xy, leverage, leverage slash, lindsey/eliot, literature, marriage equality, marvel comics, mcshep, misha collins, movies, mr. darcy, musicals, nate/eliot, nc-17 fic, neil patrick harris, pagan, porn, project runway, queen maab, queer as folk, rage of angels, reading, sam winchester, savage garden, slash, slashfic, slashfiction, slashing hot guys, smallville, snape/lupin, snupin, something positive, spander, spike, stargate, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, stargate slash, steve carlson, steve/danno, super heroes, supernatural, teal'c, ten/martha, ten/rose, the daily show, torchwood, torchwood slash, vampire slayers, vampires, voldemort, werewolf, werewolf!eliot, werewolves, x-men, xander, xander/spike, xmen, xovers, yaoi
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